A great day researching research

By Nic Price on 26 May 2017 — 1 min read

Today, as part of our Participant Discovery, we conducted five 30 minute telephone research interviews.

Based on our agreed criteria, People for Research screened and recruited our participants, and we ran the sessions from People Thinking’s Bristol-based office.


We drank quite a bit of coffee. Sometimes in the sunshine.

Ben was the lead interviewer, with me (Nic) taking notes on post-its and plotting them along a rough ‘participant journey’ timeline on the whiteboard.

We weren’t sure what we were going to discover, and as Ben says, it’s good to assume “we’re going to get this bit wrong.”

The calls went really well.

We had a good range of participants, who’d participated in various types of research. We’re particularly interested in in-depth, one-to-one research, and what’s like to participate – from being recruited through to receiving the post-research incentive and beyond.

Our next step will be to conduct some thematic analysis on our findings.

For some reflection on what user research is, have a read of Ben’s #weeknotes (published yesterday).

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