People Thinking Ltd is a small Bristol-based consultancy run by Nic Price.

Nic works with people in organisations and teams to plan, research, design, build and run interactive products and services, websites and web apps.

Working mainly as an independent consultant, Nic also works in partnership with specialist agencies and other consultants.

Services include:

  • facilitation of strategy, research and design workshops to help flesh out a thorough and shared understanding of the product or service in question
  • user research – identifying all user types, and working to understand who they are and what tasks and activities they need to perform around the product or service
  • interaction design – using techniques including sketching and building interactive prototypes to test and refine the best possible
  • coaching to product managers, teams, and senior leaders who have responsibility for web-based products and services, but may not necessarily have the technical and design know-how

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